The Purrs latest single is available now on limited edition white vinyl! Available exclusively  here  at the Pearl Jam store!

The Purrs latest single is available now on limited edition white vinyl! Available exclusively here at the Pearl Jam store!


February 14th, 2018 - It's official! The Purrs new Single, "American As Apple Pie" - on Hockeytalkter Records is available now exclusively through the Pearl Jam store! Get them while they are hot!

February 12th, 2018 - A website update seemed appropriate since we'll be releasing the new single this week! Stay tuned for more of that action.

January 6th, 2018 - Very soon... we'll be announcing a release date for the new single on pearly white 7 inch vinyl and sponsored by a very special label. Keep your eyes peeled!

August 18th, 2017 - The new album is finished! Mastering is underway. We'll have news about singles and multiple format release dates in the coming weeks - stay tuned!






Jason Milne / Guitar, Vox
Liz Herrin / Guitar, Vox
Dusty Haze / Drums, Vox
Jima / Vox, Bass

The Purrs are a rock band from Seattle that have been making pretty decent, alright music since about 2000. Fuck you if you don't like it.


The Promises We Made

Rotting on the Vine

Cracked Head

You, The Medicine & Me

The fire next door

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March 26 2014
Weekly Volcano
Psychedelic Purrs

There was a moment in my conversation with Jima, frontman of Seattle band the Purrs, when I expressed how inadequate it is to simply call the Purrs a psychedelic indie rock band. While that might be ultimately accurate, it just doesn't quite do justice to what the band does. Let's take a moment, for instance, to consider the bands that the Purrs have shared stages with: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Pearl Jam and Okkervil River, just to name three markedly disparate acts. The Purrs are able to drift among scenes in a manner befitting of their intangible sound.

"I don't think it does a band very much good to just play with bands in your own genre," says Jima. "You're not going to ever be exposed to new sounds, and you're not going to be exposing your band to new people."

While the Purrs certainly do adorn their songs with psychedelic fringe, there are deeper ingrained layers of influences at play, here. On the top level, British post-punk is what most readily pops out, inspiring the comparisons the band has long received to bands such as the Church and Echo and the Bunnymen. Comparisons to the Verve are reductive, but somewhat accurate in the way that the Purrs similarly mine classic rock for inspiration - picking up heavy blues, mod attitude and bright jangle along the way. Meanwhile, the spirit of Tommy James and the Shondells lingers in the background.

Psych rock may not define the Purrs, but the psych that skirts the edges lends a woozy appeal to their music. In the end, maybe it's best to just throw up your hands and say what the Purrs really are: a damn good rock band. -- REV. ADAM McKINNEY

Purrs at High Dive1_10.22.16.jpg

March 20 2014
Tacoma Weekly
Purrs Promise New Songs!

Seattle psych-pop outfit the Purrs are headed to Tacoma to share a bill with local favorites Trees and Timber and People Under the Sun on Saturday night at the New Frontier Lounge.

Last summer, Fin Records delivered the quartet's "The Boy with Astronaut Eyes,"among the best regional recordings of 2013. This weekend, the band will showcase a few things they've been working on since.

Lead guitarist Jason Milne and singer-bassist Jim Antonio, the band's primary songwriter, checked in to give us the skinny. Here's some of what they had to say.

Read the full interview here:


January 14 2014
Finest Kiss
Best of 2013

The Purrs deliver again with another hallucinogenic masterpiece. Guitars swoop and dive in and out while singer and bassist Jima takes you on a ride in a derailed monorail to some seedy interstellar locale. The perfect soundtrack to navigating globular clusters.


June 25 2013
Seattle Weekly
The Short List: The Week’s Recommended Shows

The fact that this month the Purrs are releasing their seventh full-length album might lead one to believe that the band hails from the ’90s era of psychedelic rock that gave us the Dandy Warhols, The Verve, and Brian Jonestown Massacre, and its sound—spacey dueling guitars hugging the leader’s bratty vocals—fits in nicely with that contingent. Yet the Seattle band is simply prolific; its first six titles came in a six-year span. The Boy With Astronaut Eyes, the band’s perfectly titled latest, arrives after an unlikely three-year breather and finds the band more aggressive and powerful than in the past. That might be thanks to new mate Liz Herrin, who plays a mean rhythm guitar and adds harmonies and some back-and-forth vocals to those of guitarist Jason Milne and bassist Jima—or maybe it’s just because the band’s angst has been building over those three interminable years. - MARK BAUMGARTEN

Purrs at High Dive2_10.22.16.jpg



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